Sweetie's Song: The Meadows of Heaven

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes

SWEETIE'S SONG - THE MEADOWS OF HEAVEN is a novel for readers of all ages. It is available as either a paperback or eBook at Amazon.com.

"The short review is, it was simply and completely delightful ..." -Cheryl Cope, Christian Women's Life Coach, CherylCope.com

"Though its premise sounds whimsical, Sweetie's Song is sensitive and surprisingly touching, ...." - Book Talk, Ohio.com

"There is something incredibly bittersweet about this story. It tugs on a person's heartstrings in a way few books do. The story was both heartbreaking and uplifting, accurately capturing a parent's love for his/her child in multiple ways ..." - Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Book Awards
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Sweetie's Song, a novel by C. A. James

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Fred Davis had hoped that his home office might serve as a refuge from his seemingly unbearable grief. Now, even that sanctuary has been invaded. Behind Fred, seated on a wooden office  chair, is a creature that insists on calling him, Daddy. It has now been there for more than three hours and appears to have no inclination to leave, despite Fred’s studied attempt to ignore it. The little being, in the form of a stuffed toy bunny, seems to want to follow Fred everywhere. Its soulful eyes seem to plead with Fred, to beg him for some form of acknowledgement – even perhaps, Fred fears, for his love.


Fred and Sarah Davis, a grieving couple at 333 Oak Lane, in the small town of Bent Spur, Texas, have chosen to shut themselves off from the rest of the world. One can only wonder how their strategy will fare in the face of four innocent souls who offer unconditional love.

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